Baby Puppies Behaviour

baby puppies

How to know if your Baby Puppies are behaving normally

Nothing is more adorable than having cute baby puppies at home.  You can actually acquire or buy your new puppy during its 8th to 12th week. Better if the puppy is a gift from someone. Because it is important that you know here the puppy came from. Why? Just like babies they are vulnerable to diseases. Worst is they have acquired a sickness that is not easy to cure.

Things to Keep in Mind about Baby Puppies

Having baby puppies at home may not be as fun as you imagine at once. You need to consider that these animals also have the longing to be with their own families. So consider an adjustment period when you take them home. There are two major manifestations that your baby puppies are adjusting to their new home:

They do not want to eat:

Don’t worry if they won’t take a bite of the food you gave them. It’s normal. Of course what they initially want is milk from their moms. Be patient and consistent. As soon as the puppies felt your sincerity in feeding them good food, they will hop in and eat.  Some puppies developed diarrhea upon changing the environment. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Just make sure that you are ready to clean the mess because this may be episodes of diarrhea that may last for days. Oftentimes, it is incorporated with vomiting. But then again, everything are normal reactions from the baby puppies. What you need to ensure is that you replace what they take out. Meaning, they take in food as they pass out. They can also experience dehydration if there is lack of nutrients.

They are lazy to play or to bark:

I know that the primary reason why you bought your baby puppies is to have playmates at home. These adorable animals can make a stressful day turn into a blissful day. Once they are accustomed to you, they can be sweetest puppy in the world. So again, be patient and consistent playing with them. The more they see you, the more they will be close to you.

Remember though that these manifestations must not last long. The period of adjustment must only take a week or 2 at the most. If these prolonged, you will need to bring them to a veterinarian to have a check. And if from the start they aren’t barking, go and seek help at once. Don’t wait for the two week-adjustment period; it is very normal for a dog to bark. If they aren’t, then there is really something serious to treat on them.

Baby puppies can be the most adorable playmates. If you are thinking to have them, just make sure that you are ready not only with the tools or kits they need. More than that, they need your time and care. This is as if you’re having a new baby boy or baby girl at home. The more you devote your time to play with them, the more they will be adorable and cute baby puppies.